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How to Choose the Right Driver

March 30th, 2015 | by admin admin | in |    0   

golf_driver.jpgDid you know that 9 out of 10 golfers use a driver that inhibits their game? Often, golfers use drivers that are either too long for their swing or that do not have sufficient loft. Getting the right driver can change your experience out on the green.

Know your swing speed

The first and most important part of your driver will be figuring out what loft to go with. To do this, you are going to know the speed of your swing. For swings under 90 mph (in other words, most of us), you will need a more lofted driver to increase backspin and to keep the ball aloft. If your swing is over 100 mph, and you tend to consistently hit the ball a long way, you should have a loft that is about 12 degrees or less in order to control and reduce backspin.

Impact with the Ball

The location and trajectory of where your driver hits the ball will also determine what kind of driver would best suit you.

In terms of length, did you know that most tournament players use a driver that's 44.5 inches in length, where standard drivers sold in golf shops tend to be an inch or two longer than that? You want a driver where you'll be hitting the ball in the center of the club.

In terms of trajectory, this will depend on how you play. Where on the tee do you hit the ball? The driver's trajectory determines the the center of gravity, and it should be suitable for your swing and power.

Ask a Pro

You may not have realized that many golf courses and stores have a pro on staff to help you with selecting a driver. Pros can also provide you with some tips on your swing and game strategy.

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