SunIce Women's Rainy Zephal Rain Pant

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SunIce Women's Rainy Zephal Rain Pant

$169.99 each


This is a great all-around wet weather pant that could be used for golf, hiking or walking around town on a rainy day!


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Focus on the outdoor activity or sport, not the weather, thanks to the Zephal FlexTech solid pant. Uniquely constructed in 2.5 layers, this laminated stretch knit pant is highly breathable, waterproof and ultra lightweight, yet the optimal mobility of the hyper four-way stretch is what makes this one soar high above most rain pants. Designed with waterproofing to keep you bone dry through 5-6 hours of moderate to steady rain, the innovative RepelTX coating allows water to bead up and roll off the fabric, rather than pooling and soaking through. Anti-grip lower legs ensure easy on and off. Adjustable inner waistband. Zip fly. 3-year waterproof guarantee. Machine wash.

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