Zoom Focus S Laser Rangefinder

Zoom Focus S Laser Rangefinder

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$249.99 each

The ZOOM Focus S with slope offers premium features at a really affordable price!

ZOOM Focus S Golf-Laserfinder

At ZOOM Golf, we have set the bar particularly high so that you can optimise your game. The Focus S provides you with precise support when it comes to playing tactics, choosing a club and deciding how hard to hit the ball.

Simply point the FOCUS S in the direction you want the ball to land. When you can see the green, use the flagpole as a guide and you will be shown all the information you need. Thanks to the 6x magnification, you can see up to 600m away. The optical adjustment function offers fine-tuning for a perfect view.

The ZOOM Focus S offers premium features at a real budget price. Extra clear vision combined with fast target acquisition, highest accuracy, 6x magnification, vibration feedback and slope mode offer tour quality and easy operation. The Zoom Focus S is the price/performance star in its class.